Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.3.0

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File name: FM 2009 Patch 9.3.0.exe
File size: 239.3 Mb
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FM 2009 Patch 9.3.0 Part 1
FM 2009 Patch 9.3.0 Part 2
FM 2009 Patch 9.3.0 Part 3

Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.2.0

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File name: FM 2009 Patch 9.2.0.exe
File size: 224.3 Mb
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FM 2009 Patch 9.2.0 Part 1
FM 2009 Patch 9.2.0 Part 2
FM 2009 Patch 9.2.0 Part 3

Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.1.0

This is the first update for FM 2009 game.

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File name: FM_2009_Patch_9.1.0.exe
File size: 173.6 MB
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Football Manager 2008 Patch 8.02

This is the update for FM 2008 to 8.02.

FM 2008 Patch 8.02

Football Manager 2008 Cheats & Modifiers

I have collected some of the FM 2008 modifiers. Here's the list of the files:

1. FM Modifier 2.2 for FM 2008
This program can modify players, clubs, and nations. You can also modify the details such as Player's Information, Playing, Goals & Positions, Preffered moves, Contract, Relationship. This program also capable of displaying player's analysis.

Instal & Use:
Unrar, and instal! To use this program, you must run FM 2008 first. Load your game and use ctrl+tab to back to Desktop. Then run FMM 2.2, and press LOAD. Search your desired player/club, then change everything you want.
NOTE: Create a backup savegame files before running the game if necessary. You can not undo your changes!

2. FM Genie Scout 2008
You can see players and clubs DETAILED analysis with this program. So basically you don't change things. Just see their "future" then the next is up to you.
How to use:
Open FMGenieScout.exe then load your savegame file. Search the players or clubs you want to scout. You don't need to run the game to use this program.
3. Some other programs that I don't even know if it's working or not.


Use FM Modifier 2.2 with your own risk. You will found out how boring playing Football Manager 2008 if you're using this cheat too much!

Here's the DOWNLOAD link:
FM 2008 Cheats

My Football Manager 2007 Old Files

Here's some old files I've collected from fmunderground.net.
It's Pretty cool if you're still playing FM 2007.

Premiership Facepack
Premiership Small Facepack
FM 2007 Skin
FM 2007 Patch
EPL Club Logos
EPL Creased

FM 2008 Mini Scout 1.3

Download FM 2008 Mini Scout 1.3.

This mini software just like Genie Scout in the earlier version. It scouts all the players. You can see players future: future skills, morales, jadedness, and future values.

Extract MiniScout_1.3_FM_8.0.1.zip anywhere. Finished!

How to use:

  1. Play FM 2008 and load a game.
  2. Open Mini-SE_1.3.exe.
  3. Press load game.